Book Artists for your student party


A student party, a university drink, Dies-celebrations and other kinds of academic entertainment need to be somehow bizarrely  cool events. And guess what…. We are fully committed to making that happen for you! Through you can easily get in  touch with us and book a famous 90s act, an awesome coverband and even a rapper everywhich fits the budget of your sorority or fraternity.  In any case, we are going to do everything we can to ensure that your party makes a big impact and impression. We do this by creating a "vibe" together with you where everyone will be able to enjoy themselves. Keeping in focus all the specific characteristics of your group. In short, you as partyplanners know better than anyone what you stand for and what you wants! You can also use this party as a marketing tool. Creating brand awareness in a positive way for your own sorority/fraternity, this becomes increasingly important.


We make a nice setup for your student party. With clear and tight communication and a clear plan of action. How about a cool DJ or a famous rapper or other famous artist that cab be present and performs at your frat party. In this way, you, together with your members, aspiring members and/or other network can enjoy an unforgettable and unique evening. You can expect that from us when you choose us as your Sparring partner.

With our unprecedented and unique experience in organizing student parties, you can expect us to make a difference. A student party organised by is never the same and always deviates from a standard approach. This sets us apart directly from our colleagues. We let your fantasies and ideas come true and work on a "one of a kind
experience" with, for example, an “insane” Urban  act. Are you still looking for an inspiring partner?'s colleagues are more than happy to work with you! Goes without saying that your ultimate party is on our To-Do list.


Yes, a frat party is not just a party. Your own student City must of course claim its rightfull place each year and a great party is the way to do it. Each student house has its own preferences and  wishes of course. Eventhough year clubs are more than happy to deal with the whole organisation process our team gladly supports those efforts with advice and experience. So we are very happy to get in touch with you to discuss matters further.