Rats on Rafts

Rats on Rafts
Rats on Rafts


Rats on Rafts swear spiritual allegiance to the Rotterdam’s New Wave, Pop and Punk scenes with one provison, the weirder the better. Rats have been together for a few years and, after boring themselves into finally getting good, they embarked on a phase which is slowly seeing them recognized as something a bit special.

“I first saw Rats on Rafts in their hometown of Rotterdam. I was blown away by their energy and obvious joy at playing together. They reminded me of the feeling that makes you want to create a band in the first place.” – Will Sergeant, Echo and the Bunnymen

“It’s tough, psychedelic pop driven by a hard bass sound and some great melodies. If only John Peel was still alive today they would be doing a session for him next week.” – John Robb, Louder Than War

“They are one of those bands whose recordings to date bear no relation to how earth shatteringly brilliant they are live.” – Richard Foster, Incendiary Magazine/The Quietus

“I love Rats on Rafts. Go and see them play live. Even if you have to travel to Rotterdam.” – Alex Kapranos, Franz Ferdinand

“The best band who predominantly play guitars that exist and are making music right now are Rats on Rafts. Don’t argue. New album ‘Tape Hiss’ istinnitustastic.” – Paul Thomson, Franz Ferdinand

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