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The Viper
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The Viper, also known as Melvin Pelupessy, bought his first pair of turntables in 1988. Soon after this he immediately started practicing his mixing skills with Hip Hop, New Jack Swing, scratching, tricks and beat matching. However, he soon longed for more inspiration and diversity. Unbeknownst to him, he would soon hear the four on the floor thumps of house music. He instantly fell in love. The tricks and the skills obviously stayed, however, his choice of records soon became harder and harder. Enter the realm of...The Viper.

Success never came easy, he had to work his way up the proverbial ladder and pay his dues just like everyone else. The first years he started proving his skills in the smaller clubs in and around Utrecht. As the years progressed, more and more people spotted his talent, which resulted in bigger bookings at huge parties like, 'Thunderdome' and 'Mysteryland.' Pretty soon, 'The Viper' had become a household that pushed the hardcore scene forward, not only inside the Netherlands, but reaching out to countries like Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and the United States.

Besides playing records he also took the next logical step and started producing. In 1996, he released His first E.P 'The Beat' on Samurai Records. The Viper was able to take his production skills to the next level and every subsequent release became an instant party hit. Several successful collaborations followed with top Dutch hardcore DJs/producers such as; DJ Isaac, G-Town Madness, Mad-E-Fact, Endymion, Nosferatu, Neophyte, Evil Activities, DJ D, and Tommyknocker.

Remixing and collaborating is also a strong part of his industrious studio skills. In 2003, 2005, and 2007 The Viper worked on the 'Project Hardcore anthems with Evil Activities (2003), in Endymion & Nosferatu (2005), and in with G-Town madness (2007). Every remix he has made, has always become an instant classic. He has done remix work for 'Damage Inc. - Turn around', 'Tony Salmonelli - Hey' with Mad-E-Fact, and one of the most played tracks in 2006/2007 was his remix of 'Tha Playah - Fuck the Titties' with Tommyknocker.

In 2006, The Viper decided to start up his own record label called; 'Viper Beatz.' The first release, which was titled, 'Blow Da Club Down' was a true hit in the hardcore world. Every DJ in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany played this record. Naturally, it continued to cross international borders, thus infecting the world. For the second release of Viper Beatz, he teamed up again with G-Town Madness with a track called, 'Come As One.' This track also became a massive anthem. Due to the success of this track, it was chosen as The Project Hardcore anthem of 2007.

The Viper has played at almost every big event over the last couple of years. These events include, but are not limited to; Thunderdome, Project Hardcore, A Nightmare In Rotterdam, Hard Bass, Defqon, Raving Nightmare, and Masters of Hardcore. His talent and skills behind the turntables shows how popular this charismatic hardcore DJ has become over the years. Needless to say, in 2008, The Viper is still one of the most popular DJs in the Dutch hardcore scene.

The Viper continues to command and deserve respect...

Once again, the story of the Viper continues to unfold...

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