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Whipped Cream
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Some may say that women EDM artists are walking contradictions or intruding in a male dominated game, but we say they are starting a revolution! One artist fighting this stereotype is known as Whipped Cream. She is a beautiful blonde bombshell, 24 years old, and was born in Toronto, Canada. Contrary to many beliefs, she grew up on Soul, R&B, and Rap Music to later be introduced to Dance music is 2012. Shortly after this in 2013, she began to create her own music adding a tasteful twist to things in the realm of Electronic Dance Music. She stands as an inspiration to women as an idealist that has no problem projecting her graceful yet powerful views on the world. Although she is young, she is someone with large dreams that brings a unique and orthodox perspective to the table through music and her influential posts. In no time she has formulated a successful career for herself that is only continuing to grow!

“I remember 5 years ago when everything I have now was just a dream , a wish , a goal, a feeling. To be able to unite as one through music and through love is the biggest gift to me. I’ll cherish every second, every minute that I’m here on earth – always. My vow to you for as long as my heart beats is to keep pushing my own boundaries and limits as a creator of art. To remain passionate, and to always give you all of me. I thank every single person who has listened to a song , commented , messaged and most importantly gone to a show to share your own energy with me. If there’s something you want in life you can get there, believe in you – how powerful you are to be here – alive right now – tap in and realize you are enough and capable of doing whatever it is your heart beats for. Do not fear the unknown. I believe in you.”

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