Phonic Funk

Phonic Funk
Phonic Funk


This multi disciplinairy artist from Turkish & Dutch origin is working on a clear path towards success with her enchanting vocals and strong beats. She combines modern pop & electronic music with a scent of world music. This unique combination of sounds is a breath of fresh air. Her songs are currently played all over the world, her tracks 'New Highs' and 'We Don't Care' both got airplay on multiple radio stations. PHI NIX has released tracks on Bitbird, Heroic Records, Tribal Trap, Elysian Records and her Debut EP is set to be released in 2019.

She is currently playing shows worldwide. Keep an eye on this lady, she is a must see live act behind the turntables.

The PHI NIX show is a sensational show that you have to experience yourself!

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