It is always about music – quite literally in the case of the acclaimed producer collective, Glockenbach, who, over the past few years, have gathered a multi- talented team around them and built a vibrant network spanning the most important cities in the world – from Los Angeles and New York to London, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin; which explains why their musical inspirations come from sources all over the world and are transformed into extraordinary sounds with an international aura. Glockenbach are producers, artists, sound & beat innovators, storytellers, in short, one of the most exciting, new electro pop projects in the country.

Their debut single, “Dancing in the Dirt”, went straight into the top 40 of the German airplay charts, generated more than 10 million streams and made it onto the hottest playlists worldwide, only to be outperformed by the follow-up, “Redlight”, which shot into the top 50 of the airplay charts, spent more than two months in the top 20 of the German Spotify charts and generated over 40 million streams worldwide in a very short space of time! On top of that, Glockenbach held the streaming record for the most successful English language track signed in Germany on Spotify for a couple of weeks! The hype, that was developing around Glockenbach was unstoppable: “Redlight” conquered several European markets, from Poland, other Eastern European countries and Russia, to Italy, Sweden and the Benelux countries. The partnership with Republic/Casablanca Records (USA) and Virgin/Positiva (UK) that followed, was well deserved.

With their new single, “Brooklyn”, which came out in early October, Glockenbach delivered another hit which is already on course to exceed the streaming numbers of its predecessor. “Brooklyn” took the top 3 of the airplay charts by storm and grabbed 11 New Music Friday playlists in the most important markets in Europe alone. Now Glockenbach are already eyeing up the next streaming record and are about to cross the 100 million mark with just three singles.

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