Born as Diamante Blackmon back in 1991, DJ Carnage is actually making a name for himself in the dance music world.

After scaling the dance music ladder apparently instantaneously, the renaissance man musician has great reason to be thrilled. With creation credit on RiFF Raff’s lead single, the arrival of an approaching SiriusXM radio show, an enormous EDC Vegas performance and (to top it all away) Chipotle offering the DJ free burritos (“burrito bowls when I am feeling fat”) for life are just a few of the motives why Carn – as his boss calls him – is prepared to fend off his “#Chipotlegang” followers and rock to Laidback Luke as though he were a lover, and not your own friend of his.

The audacious producer burst after his remix of Hardwell’s “Spaceman” a just ten months past and adamant on making music history. His coming hardstyle-esque single with Tony Junior, “Michael Jordan,” is a graphic painting of Carnage’s fearless tenacity: “It is simply a mythical record, everything I make is celebrated. I’m like a robot,” he says matter-of-factly on why he called the track after basketball’s best. The guy is feeling like he’s #23 and he desires everything. The tour is named ’6 Rings’ because “[Jordan] won six rings. This tour is all about winning the title. Every show is a game and I’m going undefeated.” Let’s trust Carn never gets traded to the Wizards.

The hip-hop beat-smith, festival trapaholic and large room house hybrid vehicle reflects on if he had never lifted the decks: “I had been a tornado chaser,” he says with no millisecond of reluctance. It’s a great interview reply. Creative and most likely in jest yet it makes sense because in certain manners Carnage is a tornado chaser; consistently looking for another matter that’ll tear up sh*t. Upward. Acknowledging his ill-famed festival snare is coming to an end via a twitter rant, house and trance are Carn’s following thunderstorm with “huge music, large sh*t and substantial material.” This man is a schemer.

Yet there appears to be no process supporting the madness of Carnage’s diversity and multi-genre abilities: “I really enjoy a life of whatever I feel like doing. It’s impulsive. If I need to make a rap record I make it, if I desire to create a home record I make it. If I desire to make some pretty sh*t I make some pretty sh*t, you know?” Carn is as free and untamed as the twisters he pursues, against the actual carpe diem approach and true interest for investigating the musical spectrum, never fearful to remind you that he’s the league MVP.

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