Pieter lives in a village called Helden, in the south of the Netherlands. Having more than 10 years of DJ and producing experience under different alias, one might claim that he’s become quite a hardstyle professional by now. In 2008, Pieter’s endless passion for hard dance music caused him to create his own label named Theracords, “Music Produced from the Heart”. Less than five years later, Theracords artists have performed on nearly every hardstyle event. Besides, they have produced countless many hits, and hosted quite some parties by now.
Since Dj Thera closed down the Loudness event in 2011, his amount of performances has grown significantly. He was asked to play at many big festivals like Alcatrazz, Dance Valley, the Qontinent, Syndicate, Dreamfields, Fusion of Dance and Wish Outdoor. From that point on Dj Thera kept growing as he had played at almost every big hard dance event you can come up with. Think about Emporium, Decibel, Dominator, Hard Bass, Qapital and Intents Festival. Last year he managed to set up a tour through the Netherlands together with his label to celebrate their 5 years of existence, which ended up with a blast at the Matrixx. Keep an eye on Dj Thera because there is much more to look forward to for you in 2014.
As the absolute boss of Theracords, it is obvious that this guy produces massive tracks. If you have heard Dj Thera’s productions, you have heard his massive gated kicks. There is no way to go around that. The unique hard and deep kicks, crazy screeches and perfect atmospheres characterize Dj Thera’s compositions. Tracks that really emphasizes these characteristics are for example “Incoming”, “The Battle”, “Welcome’’, and “The Breaking Point”. Dj Thera keeps improving his production skills what is definitely noticeable in his new productions ‘’Celebrate’’, ‘’Boom Bashing’’, and ‘’Ridiculous’’ featuring Delete. And he's already got lots of interesting solo productions and collaborations in mind for 2014, so stay tuned!

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